GTA APK+OBB – Download Free 2020 [All GTA APKs]

WELOCME TO GTA APK. If you want to download a world-famous game for your Android device and enjoy all the GTA games on your phone, then you’re on the right platform. GTA stands for Grand Their Auto, and it’s a PC game. But now it’s available for Android Devices as well as iPhone Devices. So if you want to enjoy the Grand Thief Auto Game on your smartphone, just go to Download and enjoy the World’s Best Game on your phone.

About GTA APK?

This is the Platform where you can download all of the Grand Thief Auto or GTA Apps. We always try our best to provide up-to – date links. All links are working perfectly, however, and you just need to download and install them. You don’t need to register, or anything like that. If the link may not work here in the GTAAPK.NET. First, make sure your Internet is working perfectly, and if the Internet is working and the Link is not working, report us directly. You can also request GTA tools. Feel free to get in touch with us.

What we are Providing?

We’re providing all the links for the GTA. You will find all the tools for the GTA on this website. Mainly, you’re going to find Apps here in the GTA. You’ll find the following apps to download here.

1. Grand Thief Auto: Vice City or GTA VC APK File with OBB and Data

2. Grand Thief Auto: San Andreas or GTA SA APK file with OBB and Data.

3 Grand Thief Auto:4 or GTA APK file with OBB and Data.

4 Grand Thief Auto: or GTA 5 APK file with OBB and Data.

Features of GTA APK

1. Users Friendly Mode. Our Team always try to do best, and they always provide the User Friendly Mode and Original Versions. So you don’t need to Worry About the APKs Files Quality.

2. 24 / 7 Support From Us Our Team is ready for any sort of problems and you actually will get Secure Services from the Team.

3. Developers We are not Developers of this Game and we don’t host APK files. We actually provide GTA APK files for Our Audience.

More From Us.

Right now, we’re also trying to deliver tools and other stuff like tips and tricks for the GTA. So you can visit us often to see what’s new?
All Games are freely available to all users around the world. We don’t charge our users for registration or Free login.

Finals Words

GTA is a wonderful game, and it’s famous all over the world. So if you’re going to enjoy this game on your phone. Then you can use APK + Supported Files from our Platform and enjoy the same Environment Game with Good Graphics from our website.

Download All GTA APKs


Is GTA APK available?

Yes, GTA APK is absolutely available for smartphone to Download and Run. It is official Series of Rock Star Gaming. So You can download them freely from our Website at the Link Given. All the Series from the Beginning to End is available to Download. Choose your favorite one and Play it on your phone.

Is it playable on iPhone Os?

Yes, it is also available for the iPhone Devices, and it is official Release of Rock Star Gaming. So You can easily okay it on your iPhone Devices same as in Android devices. 

How to Download the GTA APKs?

Downloading is not a big deal, you need to just you what you have to download. That’s why there are several Links in our Home Page for all the Versions of GTA. So just Click on the App you want to download. For example, if your need the GTA Vice City Game got your Phone. Then just click the Button of GTA Vice City having link. 

Then You will be redirected towards the Page of the Game, from there you will get the Detail Information along with the One Click Download.

What is the difference between GTA APK and GTA for PC?

There is not too much difference between them, the only difference is that one is for the GTA for PC devices and one for the Mobile. Both are having same environment with the Same Graphics and Controlling Options. In mobile you can Smoothly Control the game as you may Controlling in other Games as well.

How Do will get Updates and Other Tools?

For updates and other Tools, you can Visit Our Website.

Do I need to Root my Device?

No, you don’t need to. It is installable on both Rooted as well as Non Rooted Devices.